Festival Fun!! Get yourself Festival R.E.A.D.Y

Festival Fun!! Get yourself Festival R.E.A.D.Y

When Melissa and I began Sorella Amore, we envisioned a completely online boutique. We quickly realized that while in theory it's great to just be home, that was not the fastest way for us to grow. We knew we needed to get out into the community and start meeting people. We were not sure HOW we were going to do that, but we knew it needed to happen. Melissa came across some FB pages and posts that discussed popup vendor events. She did a deep dive, found some resources for us and we started booking events. Our first event was just prior to July 4th and it was a huge success. We realized, that at least for the summer and early fall months, this would be the fastest and most affordable way to get our name and vision into the community. While that was only a few short weeks ago, we were asked to be a vendor at the upcoming Ladybug Music Festival being hosted for FREE in Milford, Delaware. When I submitted our application, I was a bit nervous. Why? I have no idea. This is all new to Melissa and I. We don't know how any of this stuff works exactly and I always find that I am nervous and a bit anxious when I am in uncharted territory. Once we had the green light we started running through the items that we were going to make sure were unique and special for this event.  

We have got some GOODIES in store for you!!! Sorella Amore is all about loving yourself and your sisters (or BFFs, moms, etc.). We make sure that if we are not personally handcrafted our inventory, that we are sourcing items that are handmade by other small businesses. For this event, Melissa and I designed and created makeup totes, funky canvas tote bags, tumblers, and we are in the final stages of handcrafting these beautiful handmade hair clips. We outsourced gorgeous patchwork skirts, mood rings and earrings, and soaps that will knock your wash cloth right out of your hand!!! 

Every item has been handpicked with love to bring you joy, peace and happiness. We hope you enjoy the selection we curated and can't wait to see you at the festival! 


Tiffany & Melissa 

Sorella Amore Sisters

stay groovy tote

festival drinkware

think hippie thoughts tote

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