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Sorella Amore

Berries & Crème Herbal Loose-Leaf Tea Box

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Berries & Crème Herbal Loose-Leaf Tea Box

Finally, a way to indulgently indulge your sweet tooth without putting on the pounds! Berries and Cream Tea is a berry-heavy blend of blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry that's subtly infused with the flavor of creme for a silky smooth tea experience. Brew up a potful for yourself or share with friends. Perfect for any occasion!

Ingredients: Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Apple Pieces, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Crème Flavor, Raspberries, Natural Blueberry Flavor, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Raspberry Leaves, Strawberries, Blueberries & Natural Blackberry Flavor

Steeping: 1 heaping teaspoon, 212* water for 5 minutes.

In this box you will receive:

- 1 oz. Berries & Crème Herbal Loose-Leaf Tea (Caffeine free)

- 1 heart shaped tea strainer

- Instructions on how to brew the perfect cup of tea