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Sorella Amore

Homeschool Arts + Crafts Club | March 7 2024

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Homeschool Arts + Crafts Club | March 7 2024

Unleash the boundless imagination of your young artists with our exclusive Homeschool Arts & Crafts Club! Every Thursday at 11:00 AM, join us for a vibrant journey into the world of creativity and self-expression.

We are looking to create an environment for the older kids, ages 10-15. If you have a child that is 8 or 9, please call or message us to discuss their participation. This club is geared towards kids that prefer a little independence. Parents are welcome to stay or drop off.  The staff running this program is a certified teacher, with a clean background check.

🌟 Why Choose Our Arts & Crafts Club?

🎨 Inspired Learning: Our seasoned instructors nurture a love for art, guiding students through exciting projects that blend education with sheer fun.

🤝 Community Bonding: Sorella Amore is not just a venue; it's a warm, welcoming community. Watch your child thrive in an environment that fosters friendships and shared creative experiences.

🌈 Diverse Projects: From painting and sculpture to DIY crafts, each week brings a new adventure. Our curriculum is designed to explore various artistic mediums, ensuring your child discovers their preferred form of expression.

Join the Club Today!

Embark on a journey where art and imagination collide. Secure your child's spot in our Homeschool Arts & Crafts Club and witness the magic unfold.